Having luxury furniture is a dream for many people. Especially, it has a very beautiful petrified wood table. Shapes, patterns, and colors that are very dazzling will be excellent in your room. Of course, this furniture product can be your main choice who wants luxury and a classy interior. However, the level of complexity to care for furniture from this special material also has its own challenges.

petrified wood table

Of course, you have to know what are the things that can cause damage to the petrified wood table. In addition, you also have to understand how to take proper care so that special furniture can remain durable and sturdy. Because, actually caring for this special furniture product is easy, it just takes consistency. Here are 5 easy ways to care for your petrified wood table:

Don’t put it in a place exposed to direct sunlight

Petrified wood table has a unique humidity level. If you put it in an area that is prone to direct sunlight, it can make the moisture evaporate. Of course, this will cause cracks and breaks in various areas.

Cleaning Dust Regularly

Maybe not many are aware of this, but leaving a dusty petrified wood table can cause furniture products to rot quickly. To maintain its durability, you should regularly clean special furniture using a soft textured cloth to maintain the color of the furniture. Avoid using a silicone cloth because it will cause blisters and damage the surface area of ​​the furniture.

Keep away from Liquid

Putting plates, glasses, or other wet objects can leave stains on the surface of your furniture. If you continue this habit, then the stain can damage the texture of the furniture. Therefore, it must be cleaned immediately.

Be Careful in Moving Furniture

You may feel bored with the appearance of the room, so decide to move the existing furniture to another side or room. Without you knowing it, the transfer process has the potential to damage the structure and paint of the furniture, especially the petrified wood table.

So that the furniture is not damaged when you slide, then you should do it carefully. In addition, for a large table, ask someone else to lift it. So, the furniture can be free from damage and the floor of the house is free from scratches.

Avoid from Water Prone Areas

You may forget and put the petrified wood table in an area that is prone to rain splashes, such as next to a window, in a room with a leaky roof, or stick it on a wall that often seeps. You should know that this can accelerate the damage to your table. In addition to triggering the growth of moss and fungus, causing the table to rot, the paint color can also fade if it is continuously exposed to water.

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