Having a comfortable and classy living room is the dream of many families around the world. Many people target the petrified wood side table to add to the luxury of the room. Of course, caring for this very special organic material is not as easy as caring for plastic furniture. If you don’t handle it properly, then the risk of getting mold and cracking can occur on your special furniture. However, there’s no need to worry because we have 5 tips that you can try yourself at home.

petrified wood side table

Put it in a dry place

Humid air can also provoke mold to grow, which is harmful to your petrified wood side table. In addition, continuous exposure to hot temperatures can make your furniture material dry and shrink, causing cracks in the surface layer. Keep furniture made from this special material away from equipment that emits heat or places that are directly exposed to sunlight. Of course, especially if you live in an area with high temperatures.

Clean regularly and periodically

Basically, you can clean the petrified wood side table using only a cotton cloth. However, there are times when dust, dirt, or mildew on your furniture is not lifted properly because it is tucked in between the gaps. Use a small, soft brush or tooth brush to reach these areas.

Then, clean your special furniture at least once a month by spraying enough furniture upholstery on the furniture surface. Then, wipe with a soft cloth in the same direction and allow it to dry. If necessary, you can also re-finish your special furniture every 2-3 years, so it doesn’t look dull.

Immediately Dry From Wet Stains

Cold drink glasses often leave circular water stains on the table surface. If you leave it, this stain will leave permanently and spoil the beauty of the petrified wood side table if. Immediately clean with a soft cloth so that the stain does not remain.

Move Carefully

The habit of moving a minimalist table or chair by dragging or pulling the back can scratch and rub against the floor. Pulling just one leg is also at risk of damaging your table connection. The correct way to move a petrified wood side table is to carefully lift it in the cross-section or holder.

Avoid Too Heavy Loads

Use this table according to its function. Enough to put a glass of your drink, or a magazine you have read on the sofa. Do not let you put something that is too heavy on your petrified wood side table.

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