We can find petrified wood in various parts of the world, including Indonesia. Petrified wood Indonesia, namely land and water, make a re-classification of different types of wood fossils. Identify tree species too affect the characteristics of wood fossils that will / have forming in there. Due to the difference in the location area found and different types of trees, the content of each fossil is different.

Petrified wood Indonesia. That matter resulting in differences in style, color, level of hardness, texture, and uniqueness each. Characteristic differences between one wood fossil and another determine making the right creative industrial product design. Fossil wood with high hardness tends to be more difficult to form into a product.

So, the manufacture of using fossil wood with the right characteristics is a simple process. And they are transforming into products that are able to withstand heavier loads. Vice versa, which occurs with wood fossils which have a lower hardness level. There are several processes need so that the use of wood fossils in the product is the initial processing stage with cutting with a cutting machine, washing and cleaning processes, sanding, the process of installing supporting materials, then the final processing stage is carrying out, namely finishing process with a coating technique which is an optional choice from the customer.

The combination of two different materials, namely wood fossils with different materials. Complementing it is a special attraction. Because it supports the concept and the style that will be displaying on the product becomes more flexible and broad. Some materials The most widely used complementary materials are resin / fiberglass, aluminum/stainless steel, brass / brass, as well as wood.

petrified wood indonesia

Petrified wood Indonesia tends to use more than creative industry products such as furniture, decorations in houses, and accessories. The natural shapes, colors and patterns found in the wood fossils are highlighted as the product becomes more value. According to the data that obtaining, wood fossil products which is currently in the creative industry market displays aesthetic beauty and prestige value than ergonomics. Concerns about the decrease number of wood fossils have started.

Anticipate by starting the stipulation of government regulations. Which at first were still uncertain and planning for the development of conservation areas and protected areas for fossils wood in Indonesia. Without reduce the economic value of wood fossils.

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