In recent times, the trend in the world of furniture manufacture is crawling up. Wooden furniture still dominates global sales. This is good news in the midst of the unfinished COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to furniture made of wood, now furniture made of petrified wood is also at a good point. Of course, this happens because petrified wood manufacture has many advantages over furniture made from wooden materials.

In fact, now petrified wood manufacturers are spread all over the world. They each have their own advantages. Starting from the quality of the raw materials, the production process, to the different finishing touches in each petrified wood manufacture.

petrified wood manufacture

Making full handmade

Putra Jambu is a petrified wood manufacture located in Bantul, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Making various products from stone and petrified wood and marketing them worldwide for decades. Of course, this is proof that Putra Jambu is a petrified wood manufacture that trusted by consumers around the world.

Excellent service, fast and friendly response is one of Putra Jambu marketing’s work ethic in serving customers. The workmanship of 100% handmade products is carrying out by specialists from Putra Jambu starting from the selection of raw materials, material workmanship, to finishing.

Now, after knowing the reasons above, now you don’t hesitate to use petrified wood furniture, right? Come on, just look for your dream petrified wood furniture at Putra Jambu! Putra Jambu make and sells tables, chairs, and accessories from petrified wood. Everything is available in various models so that it can adjust to the design of your home.

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