Interior Design Look Wide In Narrow Space, How Tricks To Make ?

Home is one of the basic human needs. Now, there are many types and models of houses. However, we of course need to pay attention to several factors, especially interior design. Modern life demands that we live more dynamically. The choice of home interior design with a minimalist and industrial concept can be your choice […]

Luxury Interior Design with Petrified Wood Rustic View

Some people really want a luxurious design for their interior design. In fact, they even spend a lot of money to realize a luxurious design for their interior. There are so many choices of furniture materials for your choice of luxury interior design. Therefore, petrified wood rustic view can be one of the main choices […]

5 Things To Pay Attention To For Caring For Petrified Wood Furniture

Just like other furniture made from, petrified wood furniture also needs regular maintenance. This, of course, you must do so that your equipment is maintained and not easily damaged. Take it easy, to care for your equipment is not difficult. It is very easy to do, even using tools and materials that are around us. […]

Extraordinary Interior Decoration Petrified Wood Indonesia

Often we underestimate the small details of interior decoration that are not visible to the eye at a glance. We focus too much on large properties such as chairs, tables, and cabinets. However, these details actually make the atmosphere of a room more lively. In fact, small details of interior decoration that we sometimes take […]

Create a Luxurious Bathroom with Petrified Wood Indonesia

The bathroom is a very special room. In fact, its privileges exceed other spaces. This happens because the bathroom is not only a place to clean yourself, but also a place to unwind after a day of activities. Of course, combined with Petrified Wood Indonesia furniture, it will add to the impression of luxury in […]

Indoor Ornamental Plants Fit With Petrified Wood Furniture

It is not difficult to make the house look more attractive, orderly and make it fresh all day. Just present indoor ornamental plants that are easy to care for and make the air feel fresher in the room match with petrified wood furniture. Don’t worry, you don’t need extra skills to keep your indoor plants […]