A petrified wood end table is a small table that is placed next to a chair or sofa. Many people use the term as a side table. Although in fact, the two have slight differences. The difference between the two types of tables lies in the placement. This table is almost always in the living room, namely to be next to the sofa or chair.

For this reason, the height of the petrified wood end table follows the back of the chair or sofa, or it can be parallel. While side tables, on the other hand, are often more decorative and just to be around the wall area. In general, the function of this table is as a place to put things on it. In addition, the use of this table is also using to beautify the interior of the room because its small shape can add appeal or a finishing touch to the interior of the living room.

You can place the petrified wood end table wherever you need it. Well, here is the function of the end table in the room.

Where You Put Your Books in the Living Room

Of course, it never hurts to use the table as a place to put knick-knacks that can be use by guests, such as some of the latest books, newspapers and magazines. You can read the magazine or newspaper in your spare time, so you don’t get bored while enjoying your free time in the afternoon.

Putting a Night Light

Placing a lamp on a petrified wood end table can add a pleasant impression in the room. Moreover, many people enjoy reading books before bed and the table lamp will certainly be easy to reach if it is located on the table

As a Place to Put Family Items

The last function of the petrified wood end table is as the right place to place various items, such as family photos or certificates of appreciation that you have received.

Not only that, you can also put your family’s favorite games, television remote, or landline. Put a nice decorative bowl on the table. You can also put keys or coins in it.

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