A luxurious room with a variety of very supportive furniture is a dream for many people. For some people, they are willing to spend a lot of money to arrange a room to make it look luxurious. Interior design that supports this luxury is also a lot of choices, ranging from classic European to modern styles. Then, the use of petrified wood stools in several corners of the house can be the right solution for you. You can put petrified wood stool in many strategic places in your room.

As long as you put it at the right angle, surely the charm of the furniture product you have will be even more amazing. Did you know that petrified wood stool has different characteristics according to its type. Here are some types of stools that are right for the interior design of your room.

Natural Stool

petrified wood stool

This type of stool is a stool that is very much in demand from Europe because it displays a natural impression. The stunning display of millions of years of process is the highlight of this product. Of course, most of these stool products are solid products. So, this product is classified as very heavy at least about 40 kg.

Laminated Stool

petrified wood stool

For laminated products, this stool has motifs and shapes that can match your design. It is very easy to choose and place this furniture product in your room. Then, you can more easily adjust the color and texture of this stool with the concept and color of your interior design.

Mold Stool

petrified wood stool

Very light! Of course, this is the main advantage of this product. Because the main raw material is only on the top surface and the side is another quality material. You can easily adjust and move this stool if you wish. Some people really like this stool product because in addition to being easy to move, it is also because it still displays a natural impression.

Finally, all you have to do is decide which type to add to your shopping list. Of course, you have to put it in the right place and according to it. Don’t let the charm of the special materials in the petrified wood stool be wasted. Make sure that all the elements in your interior design support the charm of this furniture product.

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