It is no secret that Indonesian petrified wood has many advantages compared to raw materials from other regions. This is because Indonesia is an area that is right on the equator. So, there must have been many more unique and rare tree varieties of the last million years.

Indonesian petrified woodAmazing materials

The fossilization process in the tropics that occurs for millions of years makes Indonesian petrified wood has a special characteristic that only it has. Climate, weather, natural chemicals, temperature, and soil moisture in Indonesia are very supportive to create a very valuable masterpiece.

Therefore, products produced using Indonesian petrified wood raw materials must have unique and rare motifs and patterns. Then, when compared to materials from other regions, they will immediately captivate your eyes. Therefore, we highly recommend the luxury of that products for you
We, Putra Jambu, are the best manufacture that produces furniture and interior decoration products made from Indonesian petrified wood. Putra Jambu is a petrified wood manufacture located in Bantul, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Making various kinds of products from stone and petrified wood and marketing them worldwide for decades. Of course, this is proof that Putra Jambu is one of the petrified wood manufactures that trust by consumers around the world.

Excellent service, fast and friendly response is one of Putra Jambu marketing’s work ethic in serving customers. The workmanship of 100% handmade products is carried out by specialists from Putra Jambu starting from the selection of raw materials, material workmanship, to finishing.

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