Have you ever thought about the most valuable furniture material in the world? Does the material really exist in the world? Where and how did the material come from? Who provides and produces this special material into a masterpiece of furniture? Of course, all these questions will lead directly to Indonesian Petrified Wood material.

This material is very special because it is form from processes over millions of years in the tropics. This ancient material has a wealth and uniqueness that is very much different from the material of other countries. The climate and warm weather typical of the tropics make Indonesia Petrified Wood has a unique character. The colors, patterns and motifs that only owning by this material make a lot of fans to hunt for it.

Indonesian petrified woodThe Great Value Materials

The aura that emerges from the Indonesian Petrified Wood material makes the hunters willing to spend a lot of money. You can find this attraction is only in Indonesian Petrified Wood material. You only have a small chance of getting this aura on materials from other regions. The material was the same, but the aura and enchantment that appeared were clearly completely different.

Then the question is, where can you get this special material? If this material is clearly only from Indonesia, then this special material is clearly there. The demand for Indonesian petrified wood materials has also increased in line with the improving world economy during this pandemic. In fact, this material is one of the materials that has great value in the world.

However, to process this special material clearly requires expertise and experience that is already qualified. Because this Indonesian petrified wood material cannot be processed by anyone. This material is very different from wood and natural stone on the market so far. It takes special action and treatment to process this material into a masterpiece.

Not all machines are suitable for working this special material into a masterpiece of furniture. The manual touch of the hands of specialists who already have experience in this field is very helpful. In fact, 99% of the workmanship or production process uses a full hand made process. This is what makes the product made from this material one of the great values ​​in the world.

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