Often we underestimate the small details of interior decoration that are not visible to the eye at a glance. We focus too much on large properties such as chairs, tables, and cabinets. However, these details actually make the atmosphere of a room more lively.

In fact, small details of interior decoration that we sometimes take for granted can change the aura of a room. Then, what was previously just plain, turned into a more artistic after being given a touch of detail that we often underestimate. Like, what are the small details that we can use to change the atmosphere of our room to be more extraordinary? Here are some Petrified Wood Indonesia interior decoration recommendations from us for you

Table Lamp

First, the table lamp is very suitable to be placed in the workspace or bedroom. Adding an elegant and luxurious atmosphere with a unique and rare design, it is very suitable to be used as a reading lamp or a sleeping lamp. Made from Indonesian petrified wood with the best quality and made 100% handmade by our specialists.





Tissue Box

Secondly, the tissue box is suitable to place on the dining table or coffee table. Compared to the usual boss tissue, tissue boxes made from Indonesian petrified wood, of course, then they have many striking differences. Starting from the texture of the material to the visible look.






Flower Vase

Third, the flower vase adds to the beautiful appearance of the flowers in it. Artsy and elegant flower vase adds to the atmosphere in the room to be more luxurious.








Then, this candleholder is very suitable to place on a dining table or side table. Serves as a place to put a candle or as an interior decoration that adds to the impression of elegance in the room.







Stand Decor

Then, you can place the stand decoration on a work desk or coffee table. It can add to the elegant impression of your workspace.








Furthermore, you can place the Astray on the coffee table. For those of you who smoke, you can use it as a place to dispose of cigarette butts. As for those of you who don’t smoke, then you can use it as a place to put candy.







Finally, for those of you who like to read this bookend, it is perfect for you to place it on your reading table or bookshelf. Your magazines and books will organize more neatly while creating a glamorous impression there.

Those are some interior decorations that you need to add to the interior arrangement of your room. Indonesian petrified wood can be one of the right choices for those of you who want a glamorous and elegant and luxurious atmosphere.

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