Home is one of the basic human needs. Now, there are many types and models of houses. However, we of course need to pay attention to several factors, especially interior design.

Modern life demands that we live more dynamically. The choice of home interior design with a minimalist and industrial concept can be your choice if you have limited space.

interior design

In addition to these two interior design concepts, we provide some tricks for you :

1 Use only the furniture you need

Don’t use furniture that you don’t really need. Just use a compact sofa, coffee table, TV rack that is proportional to the size of your TV.

Avoid using too much furniture. Also, you need to adjust the dimensions of the furniture you use with the size of the room according to the interior design.

2 Harmonize the color of your furniture with the color of the room

Colors that complement each other will give the impression of a more spacious room. In addition, it will also beautify the interior design of your room. Thus, your room besides looking relieved also looks comfortable.

3 Place the Mirrors at Multiple Points

Mirrors are one of the things that are quite important as a way to organize a narrow room to make it look spacious. You can choose several medium-sized mirrors and have unique frames to beautify your home.

Place this mirror side by side, so you can get a broad and artistic impression at the same time. The use of mirrors like this can be applied in several rooms, especially in the main room, which is often the focus of the house.

4 Large Window and Curtains

Light that enters the house can also give the impression of being spacious in the area in the house, and you can get this if you have large windows. Make a window with a large size, so that more sunlight enters.

In addition, also complete this window with curtains of the right size and length, so that a broad impression can obtain to the maximum. So, how to arrange a narrow room to make it look spacious is also influenced by the windows and curtains.

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