Who doesn’t love a luxurious lifestyle? Many people must say really like it. Because, living with a luxurious lifestyle gives a distinct impression for many people. One of the things that can support the creation of a luxurious lifestyle is the existence of luxury furniture.

Luxury furniture is in accordance with the luxury lifestyle wherever you are. If you like an upscale interior design style, we highly recommend luxury furniture made of Indonesian petrified wood for you.

luxury furniture Luxury Furniture Made From Indonesian Petrified Wood

Natural patterns and motifs that are very charming are the main factors of their interest. Lots of people are interested in this furniture, especially in America and Europe. Furniture products made from Indonesian petrified wood have become an idol for those who like luxury.

In fact, not just anyone can process Indonesian petrified wood into luxury furniture. It takes a lot of knowledge, research and experience to get satisfactory results. Only specialists can create petrified wood furniture perfectly.

Further, Indonesian petrified wood material combined with other materials such as iron, stainless steel makes a luxurious impression at first glance. The natural color of Indonesian petrified wood combined with metal materials is very suitable.

Putra Jambu is a petrified wood manufacture located in Bantul, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Making various products from stone and petrified wood and marketing them worldwide for decades. Of course, this is proof that Putra Jambu is one of the petrified wood luxury furniture manufactures that trusted by consumers around the world.

Of course, we are Putra Jambu the right choice for those of you who want this furniture. We are one of the best petrified wood manufactures in the world. Then, we have sold our petrified wood rustic view products to more than 30 countries around the world. The products we produce are 100% fully handmade by our specialists.

Finally, excellent service, fast and friendly response is one of Putra Jambu marketing’s work ethic in serving customers. The workmanship of 100% handmade products is carried out by specialists from Putra Jambu starting from the selection of raw materials, material workmanship, to finishing

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