This weekend, an international-scale furniture exhibition event will take place in Paris, France. Of course, there will be a lot of enthusiastic furniture that will come to enliven the Maison&Objet event. In addition, various types of furniture and other accessories will present at this big event. One of the focuses of attention is the presence of Indonesian petrified wood material. This will obviously be the main attraction in the annual agenda.

Indonesian petrified wood

There is no reason anymore, Indonesian petrified wood material will be able to become the main point in this Maison&Objet event. Of course, this is because this special material comes from an area with a very special tropical climate. Natural processes over millions of years shape this special material into one of the finest. If you compare it with general furniture materials such as wood or rattan, of course it is very different.

Indonesian petrified wood material has a very distinctive character and no other material has it. Of course, natural stone materials that approximate the characteristics of these special materials are very different. Natural stone does not have very rich patterns and colors like this. It is very clear, if this material has many advantages over other materials.

The thing that you can’t deny if you look at Indonesian petrified wood material is all of its uniqueness. At first, you think for sure this is wood, but if you approach and touch it you will think it’s stone. This is one of the uniqueness of this special material. Of course, this uniqueness is only owned by materials that come from natural processes over millions of years. With this year’s Maison&Objet event, Indonesian petrified wood materials will increasingly show off in the world furniture market.

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