Just like other furniture made from, petrified wood furniture also needs regular maintenance. This, of course, you must do so that your equipment is maintained and not easily damaged. Take it easy, to care for your equipment is not difficult. It is very easy to do, even using tools and materials that are around us.

Petrified wood furniture that stay outside without being treated will be vulnerable to damage. Because weather is merciless. Environmental factors are always going to impact your equipment, so you won’t be able to leave it out without some amount of damage occurring over time, but you can minimize it, so your equipment can maintain its beauty for longer periods.

You can do periodic maintenance on a weekly or monthly basis. It is enough to clean your equipment minimally. Never clean, petrified wood with chemicals. When cleaning petrified wood, opt for a mild cleanser or a natural one below:

Warm water

First, use a soft cloth to wipe your petrified wood furniture. Soft cloth is perfect for cleaning your equipment because it will not damage the surface. Use only warm water, not hot or boiling water. Wet the soft cloth, then wipe your equipment slowly in one direction.



Mild hand soaps

Secondly, use mild hand soaps for stubborn dust. Remember, use mild hand soap when your petrified wood furniture has a lot of dust that has accumulated. Keep using a soft cloth to clean your equipment.





Apple cider vinegar

The final cleaning option is apple cider vinegar. Please be careful in cleaning your equipment when using this. Oftentimes, too much apple cider vinegar can cause damage to the surface of your equipment. After cleaning your equipment using apple cider vinegar, make sure the surface of your equipment is completely dry and there is nothing left.

Caring for and maintaining the beauty of petrified wood furniture must do periodically to maintain the beauty of a petrified wood. There are several simple ways that you can do to treat and clean your equipment.

Finally, that’s the simple way you can do at home to treat and clean petrified wood furniture. There are many other ways that can be applied, but the methods mention above are the easiest ways that you can apply.

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