The beauty and artistic impression of a house or room must be a lot of people really want it. The arrangement, concept and selection of the right type of furniture is very influential. The interior of your home will be more beautiful and artistic if you use a petrified wood console table.

Indeed, there are many types of furniture that you can use with the interior design concept of the room. Petrified wood console table is very suitable and suitable for those of you who have high-end interior design tastes. Natural patterns and colors are very suitable for upscale interior design, especially the rustic style.

petrified wood console tablePetrified Wood Console Table

You can combine the petrified wood console table with soft or natural room colors without even a finishing process. The impression of luxury and elegance really stands out from the table. It is undeniable, the product will be the center of attention for people in your room.

This happens because the material that comes from the process of tens of millions of years is combine with other materials. These materials such as stainless steel, brass, cooper are very suitable to create a luxurious and elegant impression from the table.

Materials that are only found in certain places must have been able to make people who see it amazed. What’s more, the manufacturing process and combination with other materials by the experts. Of course, this makes your product very valuable.

In fact, with such special materials, of course, not everyone can process them into masterpieces. To process it, it takes expertise and qualified experience. Because to bring out and maintain beauty for millions of years is very complicated.

We, Putra Jambu, are the best petrified wood manufacturer that produces furniture and interior decoration products made from petrified wood from Indonesia. Putra Jambu is a petrified wood manufacturer located in Bantul, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Making various kinds of products from stone and petrified wood and marketing them worldwide for decades.

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