Have you ever thought about how the interior of your home becomes more classy? You have built your house or room with the best materials. But, to make the walls of the room more classy, ​​you should try the petrified wood console table.

petrified wood console table

Amazing positioning

Having a uniqueness that is different from other tables, petrified wood console tables are more often use as home decoration display media. The petrified wood console table can be the main attraction in the room, therefore, its use must be adjust to the function of the room.

If you put it in the family room, you can put some family photos with small to medium frames. In addition, you can also put a table lamp with a unique shape to several collections of books that are ready for you to read.

You can also put a petrified wood console table in the foyer area or the transition area between the terrace and the living room. You can put decorations such as miniatures from various tourist attractions. In addition, you can also put your house or vehicle keys, letters, to several other items that you often use every day.

Of course, natural patterns and colors from millions of years of processes will add to the luxurious atmosphere in your room. If you put it near a wall, it is certain that a luxurious and elegant feel will radiate from the side of the wall of your room.

Although the petrified wood console table is made of slick and durable material, it is not suitable for placing heavy objects in large quantities. This will make the base of the table go down and curve down. Aesthetics will decrease and the atmosphere of the room will be uncomfortable.

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