Petrified wood furniture is very charming. They have special patterns and colors that other furniture does not have. Any type of finish is perfect for applying with naturally occurring patterns and colors.

petrified wood furniture

The use of compound and wax is one of the keys for petrified wood furniture to keep shining in your room. However, not all types of compound and wax can be used immediately. It needs a special type and also needs cold hands from specialists to give the perfect finishing touch.

Of course, after you have petrified wood furniture, you don’t have to have the special abilities of specialists. It is very easy for you to take care of your stuffs.

Here are some tips to keep your petrified wood furniture shining :

Avoid from excessive heat

If your house has a fireplace or similar heater, it’s better to keep your stuff away from there. This will result in the finishing of your stuff being damaged, starting from cracking, even peeling.

Clean regularly

Clean your stuff using a soft dry cloth. This is useful for removing dust and dirt so as not to damage your stuff.

Make sure you get it from the best petrified wood manufacture

Of course, we are Putra Jambu the right choice for those of you who want this extraordinary luxury. We are one of the best petrified wood manufactures in the world. We have sold our petrified wood rustic view products to more than 30 countries around the world. The products we produce are 100% fully handmade by our specialists.

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