Be happy for unique furniture lovers. Now in Jogjakarta has arrived new collection from Petrified Wood Indonesia by Putra Jambu. Located in RT3 Dukuh Petung, Bangunjiwo, Kasihan, Bantul, Jogjakarta 55751. In this place, many kinds of unique and rare petrified wood furniture and home decor you can get. For example are coffee table, side table, dining table, and many more.

petrified wood indonesia

Petrified wood Indonesia

All variants of petrified wood furniture at Putra Jambu Gallery can account for their beauty because all we make and do it in full handmade by the experts. Apart from that, the furniture is also presented attractively, processed by the creative hands of the Putra Jambu production team

The petrified wood Indonesia used is a quality product from a trusted manufacturer. Putra Jambu Gallery also uses domestic raw materials to support the nation’s own industry.

As for the production process for the products from Putra Jambu Gallery, we use manual tools that are operated by experts. Unique textures, rare patterns will give you an unforgettable experience.

Putra Jambu Gallery also provides various kinds of accessories for home decoration. Call it wall mirrors and table decorations and tissue boxes. And all of them, beautifully patterned, unique and rare

The workshop and gallery location is very convenient and pleasant. Suitable for chatting about order concepts. You will get fast and excellent customer service regarding the product you want.

Well, you know, the fact is, Putra Jambu Gallery is not just an ordinary workshop and gallery. There are also several options for your order here. You can order custom products from us according to your wishes, which we will design artistically.

The location of Putra Jambu Gallery is easy to reach, only takes 30 minutes from downtown Jogjakarta.

In this place, the atmosphere is very cool even without the presence of Air Conditioning (AC). This is because around the workshop there are large oxygen-producing trees, not to mention the calm rural atmosphere can soothe your heart.

Finally, Petrified Wood Indonesia by Putra Jambu is open every Monday to Saturday from 08.00 am to 16.00 pm. So that you are not curious, let’s go to Putra Jambu Gallery

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