About Us

We are petrified wood manufacture from Indonesia named Putra Jambu a local private company, and our location in Bantul, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. We were established since 2005. As we know about us, we are already experiencing much in stone management. We learn to respect stones as part of a human’s life and the heritage of our earth. 

Our petrified wood manufacture will give you the rustic view of interior home design. There are the polished one and the natural state without any polishing. Which has the cracks, holes, and knots to show each one-of-a-kind character. These kinds need to say that how unique and rare they are. Check for our catalog.

Our innovations in this field is how to enrich the creativity for exploration of the artwork of stone. In conclusion, we hope everyone can enjoy its beauty about us.

We always provide the best services for you to get comfort in choosing our petrified wood products. Because we are the biggest and best company in handling petrified wood manufacturer and sale products in Indonesia. So please contact to our team about us.