Having luxury interior decoration at home is indeed very pleasant. Especially for those of you who do have a sense of luxury and glamour, especially for homes. Because, home is a place to rest and full energy for future activities. You can complete your luxury furniture collection using petrified wood product.

petrified wood product

To bring out the impression of luxury and glamour in your interior decoration, it is necessary to pay attention to several aspects :

Pay attention to the color composition of the product and the room

The color that emerges from the petrified wood product is indeed very charming. The natural color of the process over millions of years becomes one of the targets for those who want it. Not only the shape, this color is also an attraction that must be considered when you want to use this product. Make sure, the color of this furniture matches the color concept of your interior design.

Adjust to Your Room Needs

Don’t let it be, because you want your room to be more charming, you forget to use furniture according to the needs of your room. Make sure you use this special product according to the function and needs of your room. It will be useless if this special product does not match the function and needs of your room.

Place it in the Right Position

Of course, the luxury of petrified wood products will be seen when you place them in the right position. You place a luxurious coffee table in front of your living room sofa. The side table you place next to your sofa or lounge chair. Of course, this special furniture product will exude its luxury charm even more.

Always take care of this special product

In order for special furniture to last and always display the charm of luxury, then you also need to take care of it. Always clean the dust that is on the surface of your furniture. Keep it away from your firebox, so the color doesn’t change quickly. Then, you can use a soft cloth to apply wood wax to maintain the beauty of your product.

Finally, after you have paid attention to some aspects above, you can now start looking for this special product. You can also have a luxurious and classy interior after you put it in your room.

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