Luxurious products are one of the things that need to be a concern for those of you who want a glamorous atmosphere in your room. Moreover, these luxury products only exist in limited quantities in the world. Like petrified wood tables, each of which has a different motif, even though there are many. The motifs and colors of the table slabs cannot be the same because they are natural results of millions of years.

These rare patterns, colors and motifs are what make petrified wood tables much sought after by fans and collectors. You can only find the materials used in the form of materials from natural products for millions of years only in petrified wood tables. You will not be able to find this uniqueness in other materials. For example, wood, natural stone, and even man-made synthetic materials.

With only a limited number, none of them are the same, making the petrified wood table one of the exclusive items. This trait is what makes the price so valuable. Moreover, these products are all handmade by specialists from the best factories. It’s no secret, to cultivate this unique and rare material really requires a lot of skill and experience.

petrified wood tablePassion Handmade Process

Making petrified wood table products by hand cannot do by random people. Only specialists who already have good experience and skills can do it. Materials that require special treatment and must be carried out with full accuracy and careful calculations. With special tools to support the handmade production of specialists from the best factories.

We are Putra Jambu have more than 10 years of experience processing this unique material into petrified wood tables. The experience and abilities of our specialists are proven and tested. No need to doubt, we have shipped petrified wood table products to more than 30 countries around the world. This is a clear proof that the products we produce are of very good quality.

We combine this unique material with metal materials such as stainless steel, cooper, brass to iron. We do this so that this unique material can exude an extraordinary charm. Our markets in America, Europe, Asia to Africa are very fond of this combination. It is clear, that the products we produce are very popular and we are one of the best manufacturers in the world.

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