Often, many people fail to just want to create a fancy atmosphere in their room. They use various models of furniture to create that impression. They use a lot of medieval European models and styles. However, the actual fancy impression is less able to emerge from the furniture used. Petrified wood table can make your room more fancy than the existing furniture. Various kinds of advantages clearly do not exist in products with other materials.

petrified wood table

Of course, this advantage is only found in the material for making petrified wood table. Derived from special materials formed from natural processes over millions of years. This material combines with metal materials such as iron, stainless steel, to brass to make the shape and fancy impression more dominant. Not only does it look luxurious, but this product is able to display the majesty of nature into your room.

It looks too much. However, you can’t deny this because this special material has its own specialties. Starting from the process of finding materials in nature, to the production process and finishing of petrified wood table. The process of finding materials in nature requires special tools and expertise so that they are not damaged and wasted. The processing also requires special tools and is different from other cutting tools. Of course, all these material processes require highly specialized labor and skills. Then where can you get this product with the best quality?

We, Putra Jambu, are the best petrified wood manufacture that produces furniture and interior decoration products made from petrified wood from Indonesia. Putra Jambu is a petrified wood table located in Bantul, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Making various kinds of products from stone and petrified wood and marketing them worldwide for decades.

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