Petrified wood coffee table fits perfectly with almost all interior design concepts. Ergonomic shape, and natural colors that make it very adaptive. Of course, this makes the petrified wood coffee table highly recommended being used as the main furniture.

So, where should you put your petrified wood coffee table? Here we provide some suggestions for you:

1. Living Room

petrified wood coffee table

It’s no secret, the living room is the main life of the house. You usually gather with your family, friends or guests here. The first impression of the house is your living room.

If you put this furniture, you can be sure that a luxurious aura will appear. This of course can add to the impression when gathered. And of course, it can bring out a different feel like being in a luxurious room.

2. Terrace

petrified wood coffee table

Being on the terrace in the morning or evening is fun and relaxing. Read the newspaper while drinking tea, coffee, or just enjoying a bottle of beer. You can also say hello to the next door neighbor when you are on the terrace.

Having a petrified wood coffee table can certainly add to your positive energy. Because this product comes from a process over millions of years. Besides having a luxurious appearance, it also has positive energy for you.

3. Coffee Room

If you have a separate room at home to relax, then you must put it there. After you have worked all day, or when you are on the weekend, then you can feel it for yourself.

Your relaxing room will be more luxurious and can also give you additional positive energy. After that, you will be excited again the next day.

4. Bedroom

Not only the side table, the coffee table is also very suitable if it is in your bedroom. You can use it to put some of your necessities, such as a telephone or a set of your coffee and wine drinker

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